Margret Köll — L’arpa di Partenope


L’arpa di Partenope

Harp Music from Early Baroque Naples


diapason D'OR

Awarded with the Diapason d’or
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During the Spanish foreign dominance over the kingdom of Naples in the 16th and 17th centuries, lively musical and cultural relationships were forged between Naples and Spain and the city at the foot of Vesuvius could count itself as a European cultural centre on an equal footing to London and Paris.

A Neapolitan delegation of virtuoso musicians and singers was invited to participate in the marriage celebrations of Philip II in Madrid (1543), among them the harpist Gian Leonardo, the ‘new Orpheus’ of this era. These musicians were members of the capella reale, the orchestra of the royal court of Naples. The first maestri di capella were Spaniards followed by Jean de Macque who was later joined by his pupils Giovanni Maria Trabaci und Ascanio Mayone. In the capella reale, harpists also found regular employment.

The musicians performed at the major musical focal points in Naples, primarily in the following locations: Palazzo Reale, the Gesualdo family home, Chiesa S. Annunziata, Oratorio di S. Filippo Neri and Tesoro di San Gennaro. The photographer and filmmaker Armin Linke documented these locations in beautiful photographs which appear in the cd booklet, during a trip to Naples in December 2012.

Recorded in the Evangelische Brüdergemeinde, Neukölln, Berlin, July 2012.
Released by Accent, 2014.

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Giovanni Maria Trabaci

Toccata Seconda, & Ligature per l’Arpa

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Carlo Gesualdo

Gagliarda del Principe di Venosa

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Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz


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Giovanni Leonardo Dell'Arpa
Io navigai un tempo
Antonio de Cabezón
Romance "Para quien crie yo cabellos"
Tiento del Primer Tono
Differencias sobre la Pavana Italiana
Carlo Gesualdo
Gagliarda del Principe di Venosa
Giovanni de Macque
Durezze, e ligature
Seconda Gagliarda
Seconde Stravaganze
Francesco Lambardi
Ascanio Mayone
Toccata Prima
Ricercar sopra il Canto fermo di Constantio Festa
Partite sopra Fidele
Giovanni Domenico del Giovane da Nola
Venga quel bel Narcisso
Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz
Giovanni Maria Trabaci
Toccata Seconda, & Ligature per l'Arpa
Ancidetemi pur, per l'Arpa
  • Giuseppe Arcimboldo Cover Drawing
  • Daniello Bartoli Quotation Author
  • Joachim Berenbold Layout
  • Lindsay Chalmers-Gerbracht Liner Note Translation
  • Chiara Granata Liner Notes
  • Eric Kleinmann Instrument Design
  • Margret Köll Arpa Doppia
  • Armin Linke Photography
  • Susanne Lowien Booklet Editor, Liner Note Translation
  • Jean-Daniel Noir Recording Producer
  • Michael Sawall Executive Producer
Photo essays


Major musical focal points of Early Baroque Naples documented during a trip in December 2012. The photographs appear in the cd booklet of L’arpa di Partenope.

Photos: Armin Linke

Naples © Armin Linke